Terms & conditions

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

1.      You will receive all treatments within your membership programme at a 10% saving over list price.

2.      Your spouse or partner can act as your substitute and enjoy the entitlements of your membership programme instead of you as many times as you like, providing that they live at the same address as you. There is no limit on the number of times that they can substitute for you.

3.      You can book online without the need to pay a deposit, simply by entering your membership code.

4.      If, for any reason, you can’t come for a treatment your entitlement will roll forward to the next calendar month.

5.      You can roll-forward a maximum of two untaken treatments. So for example, if you go on holiday for the whole of July and August, you will be entitled to 3 treatments in September (or 2 in September and carry forward September’s entitlement into October).

What is my financial commitment?

6.      Your membership programme, the associated monthly direct debit membership fee and payment date are set out in the application form on the website and in your confirmation email.

7.      If you fall behind with your membership fees and this is not caused by a bank error, DW Sports Massage may suspend or cancel your membership.

8.      DW Sports Massage will give you at least one month’s notice of any monthly fee change.

When will my membership programme start?

9.      Payments are taken by direct debit from your account on the 1st of each month. Direct debits take a minimum of 5 working days to set up. Your membership programme will begin on the day that your first payment is debited from your account. 

Can I have additional treatments beyond my membership entitlement?

10.      Yes. You can use your membership code to book additional treatments without the need to pay a deposit on booking. You will be charged full price for any treatments beyond your membership entitlement.

Can I cancel my membership?

11.  You can cancel your membership at any time by giving 10 days notice either by notifying DW Sports Massage by email or simply by cancelling your Direct Debit.

12.  You can cancel your membership within 14 days of first joining and DW Sports Massage will refund any membership fees you have paid as long as your cancellation notice has been received within this time frame.

Can I use my membership code if I have cancelled my membership?

14.  If you have made a Direct Debit payment and have subsequently cancelled it, you are still entitled to use your membership code for treatments within your programme.

15.  Once you have used your entitlement to deposit-free bookings, you may not use your membership code. If, for any reason, the booking system accepts your old code, you are still liable to pay the full treatment price.

16. DW Sports Massage reserves the right to cancel the membership schemes but will provide at least one month's notice.

Is my bank information secure?

17.  Direct debits are collected using the gocardless.com service which uses military-grade security to protect your bank details.                                                                   


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