Case Studies

Tim from Graveley

Tim is a 53 year old runner. He came to Dave for treatment suffering with painful calves from running which become so severe that he’d had to stop training. 

Tim said,  “I'm very pleased. And relieved.  And grateful. Do my calves still hurt after running? Well, no, they don't. They are brilliant, as long as I do the stretching. My pace continues to increase, and I'm finishing ahead of people who left me for dead a few months ago. I've been on a mission to get my pace up to a 7 minute mile for the 5k Parkrun that I do on [most] Saturdays, so that I can do a marathon in the Spring in a 3.5 hours or less, and at the moment I'm on track with that.”

Adam from Luton

Adam takes his gym training regime seriously, but one side of his upper neck was becoming fatigued quickly during workout. Dave used an assessment app to diagnose the way that Adam was exerising and sent Adam a pdf copy of the report. Adam said, "the changes that Dave has helped me to make have started to sort out a problem that's been niggling me for years."

Jane from Hitchin

Jane is a school teacher and spends all day on her feet, which means that her lower back suffered from a dull ache. After a couple of treatments, Jane said, "Thanks Dave: the massage worked wonders, and the advice you gave me about posture was a real eye-opener."

Myron from Stevenage

Myron is a fitness fanatic who takes body-pump classes three times a week. Left to their own devices his legs & thighs are sore and hard to stretch. Myron has a sports massage with DW Sports Massage as part of his training regime. "Dave always manages to find the muscles that need the work," says Myron, "but they feel so much better the next day."

Roy from Essex

As an HGV mechanic, Roy's spends his working day in odd positions fixing vehicles, often reaching in at strange angles doing repetitive actions with the tools he's holding. His neck and shoulder had been hurting him for months - after a treatment at DW Sports Massage his pain was sorted. In Roy's words: "Pleased to say the pain hasn't returned - thanks Dave"

John from Hitchin

John is an amateur climber who spends a lot of time driving to and from work. Constantly flexing his foot up and down as he moved it from accelerator to brake and back again caused an overuse injury in the muscles of his foot. After a short course of treatment at DW Sports Massage John said, "Thanks for fixing my ankle, Dave, you're a star. Looking forward to a pain free climb next week."