January 2016


Posted January 30, 2016
Geeky, weird and cool - all about biceps

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Sports Massage Crossword

Posted January 23, 2016
Fed up of face swap, minecraft or candy crush on your phone but still don't want to get out more... try this week's Sports Massage Crossword

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Julie's story - dog walking, back ache and foot placement

Posted January 16, 2016
the foot bone's connected to the leg bone; the leg bone's connected to the hip bone; the hip bone's connected to the backbone and THAT's how 1 person got back ache

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Protein & Sport

Posted January 9, 2016

What did the body builder say when the health food shop ran out of protein powder? "No Whey?!"

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The muscles of the core

Posted January 2, 2016
Thinking of upping your exercise this year and considering a "core" workout. Here's the core demystified....

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