December 2015

Why you shouldn't make new year resolutions

Posted December 26, 2015
Troy Martin, Hitchin-based Nutritionist and and Functional Fitness Coach talks about New Year Resolutions - and why we shouldn't make them.

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Bill & Alison’s stories – massage & managing depression

Posted December 19, 2015
The stories of how 2 clients use to sports massage to help them keep going...

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Reciprocal inhibition

Posted December 12, 2015
When muscles on one side of a limb contract to produce movement, the muscles on the other side have to relax to accommodate the movement - it's called reciprocal inhibition. Here's how it works.

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Candy Crush thumb

Posted December 5, 2015
Heard the one about Candy Crush thumb? - it carries a health warning about a man who ruptured his thumb tendon playing on his phone.

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