October 2015

Stevenage Half Marathon 2015

Posted October 31, 2015
Sunday 1st November 2015 is this year's annual Stevenage Half Marathon: read about it here.

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Janet's story - arm pain

Posted October 24, 2015
"My arm hurts here at the side, and down here when I open doors, oh and I seem to have lost power when I bend my elbow." Read Janet's story...

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Why I hate foam rollers

Posted October 17, 2015
Foam rollers - love 'em or hate 'em? Pretty much I hate them...

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Sports massage training the UK

Posted October 10, 2015
As new venues open for ISRM qualification, a quick round-up of what's available.

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The structure of muscle

Posted October 3, 2015
How is muscle actually contstructed? Find out in the latest blog.

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