August 2015

The piriformis muscle

Posted August 22, 2015
Pain in the butt? The piriformis muscle can sometime cause backache, pain in the hips or even (in extreme) cases mimic sciatica causing pain down the leg. How come a muscle so small  can cause so much hassle?

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Edith's story - Parkinson's Disease

Posted August 15, 2015
A 70 year old person with Parkinson's Disease came in for treatment this week - here's a bit about it.

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Connective tissue massage

Posted August 8, 2015
Squeezing, stretching, shoving, shunting, rolling and pushing - these are all technqiues involved in connective tissue massage which aims to loosen up the fascia before the deep muscle tissue is worked on.

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Dead meat

Posted August 1, 2015
Without nerves, we're all just dead meat

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