June 2015

Neuromuscular Technique

Posted June 27, 2015
NMT is one of the most painful, but one of the most effective, sports massage techniques for treating acute muscle tension. Read more in today's blog.

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What to expect at a sports massage treatment

Posted June 20, 2015
What do you wear? Will it hurt? How often will you need to come? Find out a little about what to expect at your 1st sports massage treatment

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Hitchin Hard Half Marathon 2015

Posted June 13, 2015
With 2 weeks to go until the Hitchin Hard Half Marthon & 10K race, here's a preview of what's in store

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The muscle at the front of your neck - sternocleidomastoid

Posted June 6, 2015
The Sternocleidomastoid is one of the main muscles of the neck: learn what it's for and what you can do to help strengthen it to improve your posture.

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