February 2015

The hamstrings

Posted February 28, 2015
The 3 muscles running down the back of the thighs are called the hamstrings. Read what they do, how they work, and how they can be treated when they hurt.

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All or nothing - muscle recruitment

Posted February 21, 2015
How do muscles work to lift different weights? Learn about the way muscle fibres are recruited to the task.

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glute strain

Posted February 14, 2015
Apparently, glute strains are like London buses - you don't see any for ages, then a couple turn up at once.

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The musician as athlete

Posted February 7, 2015
Whether you're a an amateur or professional, practice of a musical instrument can lead to repetitive strain injuries. The techniques of sports massage can help relieve pain and discomfort and keep you playing for longer.

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