November 2014

The biker's story

Posted November 29, 2014
Tony rides his motorbike on track days once a month. The riding position means that he's hunched over the handlebars for hours at a time, putting stress on his muscles. What muscles are affected and how are they treated? Read about the bikers story in the latest blog post.

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Massage and IBS

Posted November 22, 2014
IBS is a long term condition that affects the digestive system causing pain, discomfort and changes in bowel habits. Find out what triggers irritable bowel syndrome and how to manage it.

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Trigger points

Posted November 15, 2014
You know those "exquisitely tender" points you sometimes find in your shoulder? They're called trigger points. Find out more in this week's blog.

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The dancing calf

Posted November 8, 2014
A story from the Stevenage Marathon 2014 massage couch.

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The patellar tendon

Posted November 1, 2014
Over-using the kicking muscles of the quadriceps at the front of the thigh (often through too many squats, kicks or jumps) can lead to inflammation of the patellar tendon. Find out more, and how to fix it.

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