October 2014

5 myths about weight training

Posted October 25, 2014
Troy Martin is a fitness and nutrition coach based at Kinetic Cycles in Hitchin. In this guest blog post he tackles 5 common myths about weight training.

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Charlotte's story - modern dance

Posted October 18, 2014
A case study: read about how regular sports massage helps a young dancer stay at the top of her sport.

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All about muscle contraction

Posted October 11, 2014
Learn how to build muscle fast and what sort of exercises should you do after injury.

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Runners - how good are your glutes?

Posted October 4, 2014
If you have perennial aches, pains or injury in your legs, it could be that the problem is in your glutes. Learn about the recruitment order of muscles in the biomechanics of gait (walking and running) - and why your bum is so important.

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