August 2014

Lower back pain

Posted August 30, 2014
Most of us experience back ache. What causes it and what can you do about it?

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The flat back posture

Posted August 23, 2014
In the last of the series on common postural imbalances, we look at the flat-back posture type. This is where the pelvis tilts backwards, the knees are locked and the natural curves of the spine are flattened out.  Read more...

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Inside the mind of an ultra runner

Posted August 16, 2014
What's it like to run an ultra marathon? Tom Forman explains what's inside his mind as he runs...

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How to choose running shoes

Posted August 9, 2014
Matt Phillips is a conditioning coach and writer with both Running Fitness Magazine and the Running Connect wesbite. In this guest blog, he has a radical suggestion about choosing running shoes - choose something comfortable!

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Guys have hormones too

Posted August 2, 2014
The food we eat and the stress we're under affect our hormones: tracking your hormones is a really effective way of changing body weight. Julie Dennis is the founder of Southview Fitness in Letchworth, helping people get fit, lose weight, and stay healthy - here she looks at how hormones can help you lose weight.

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