July 2014

Case study - the competitive swimmer

Posted July 26, 2014
Read how an semi-pro swimmer recovered from muscle injury in time for a major national competition within 2 weeks.

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The hidden tiger: stress

Posted July 19, 2014
Stress - it's the constant danger waiting behind the rocks to pounce. What changes happen in the body when you're stressed? More importantly how can you deal with the body's reaction to stress? 

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Slow twitch, fast twitch

Posted July 12, 2014
"I'm not built for running marathons | cycling | weight lifting | tennis" [delete as appropriate] - whether your are or you aren't is about how fast you twitch. Read more...

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Tennis elbow

Posted July 5, 2014
What do the following have in common: carpenters, knitters, painters & decorators, typists and squash players? If you're activity involves lots of twisting of your forearm, then you might be prone to Tennis Elbow.

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