June 2014

Hitchin Hard Half Marathon 2014

Posted June 28, 2014
The 3rd annual Hitchin hard half marathon (in it's recent reincarnation) happened last week - with DW Sports Massage raising £160 for local charity Cancer Hair Care. Read the race report here:

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Carpal tunnel syndrome

Posted June 21, 2014
In March 2010, the the Daily Mail reported that a schoolgirl who sent over 100 SMS texts each day developed carpal tunnel syndrome. The condition causes numbness, tingling, or a loss of feeling in in the thumb and first 3 fingeres of the hand. Read how remedial massage can help recovery and rehabilitation from carpal tunnel syndrome of this surprisingly common condition.

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Soft tissue release

Posted June 14, 2014
One of the advanced techniques in the armoury of sports massage & remedial soft tissue therapy is Soft Tissue Release - a precise kind of assisted stretching that is useful for treating mobility, pain and hypertonic (tense) muscles. Embrace your inner geek and learn about it here.

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kyphotic-lordotic posture

Posted June 7, 2014
In the 2nd of a series on common postural imbalances, we look at the kyphotic-lordotic posture type. This is where the natural curves of the spine are exaggerated - kind of "bum out, chest out".  Read more...

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