May 2014

Hydration - how much water should you drink

Posted May 31, 2014
Apparently we should drink about 6-8 cups of water a day. Do tea, coffee and beer count? Read more...

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Fascia: the internal bodystocking

Posted May 24, 2014
Let's get under your skin for a minute: the fascia is a layer, like a bodystocking, that lies under your skin and over your muscles. If it gets damaged or dries out, then muscle movement can become restricted. Read on to learn more...

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Hypertonic muscles

Posted May 17, 2014
We've all had tense muscles - but what does "tense" mean? Read how muscles can become set in a "tense" position, and what you can do about it...

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Drive, momentum and hip swing: your body and golf

Posted May 10, 2014
The power shot is all about creating maximum torsion in the body - it's the difference between hip rotation and shoulder rotation. Understanding the need for power and flexibility in both areas of your body can only improve your handicap.

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The sway-back posture

Posted May 3, 2014
Muscles develop in response to the way that we use them, and in today's world where we're sitting most of the time, that pattern of muscle use (and for some muscles, non-use) can lead to aches & pains. The sway-back posture is pretty common. To find out how it might affect you, read more...

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