April 2014

Massage and cancer

Posted April 26, 2014
Dealing with cancer can be stressful as well as leaving you nauseous and exhausted. Massage from a qualified therapist can't help your illness, but it can help you to deal with the stress and leave you feeling better about yourself.

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The muscles of the abdomen

Posted April 19, 2014
Everyone's heard of "six pack abs", but there's more to the muscles of the abdomen than looking good. They control bending forward & twising; they're responsible for "acts of expulsion" like coughing; they wrap around your trunk and keep everything in place, and they assist with breathing. When you look at it like that, your abs are a great bit of engineering. Learn more here: 

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The core is the new black

Posted April 12, 2014
Michelle Smith, owner of the Pilates Pod in Hitchin guest blogs on how Pilates can help with strengthening your core muscles to protect your spine.

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Sleep - the secret advantage

Posted April 5, 2014
Sleep - the one thing that most of us could do more of. It improves your performance, reduces the risk of injury, and it's free.

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