March 2014

New location for DW Sports Massage in Hitchin

Posted March 29, 2014
A new location for Dave Wheeler's sprots & remedial massage clinic: perfect for Hitchin & Letchworth, less than a mile from the station, with plenty of parking, and overlooking Purwell Meadow. The same great soft tissue therapy for aches & pains, injury, stress & medial conditions; a new great treatment room.

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Groin strain

Posted March 22, 2014
Groin strains are tears in the muscles that run down the inner thigh. Remedial massage can help you to recover and to avoid future injury. Read more...

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What's in a name - remedial soft tissue therapy

Posted March 15, 2014
Mel Cash is the father of sports massage. In this guest blog he explains why he's changing the name of sports massage to remedial soft tissue therapy.

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Who needs carbs anyway?

Posted March 8, 2014
You know how the joke goes: a balanced diet is a cookie in both hands! This week, as the World Health Organisation issued new advice on halving our added sugar intake, nutrition is news again. Read here why carbs are essential to movement, and how many carbs you need to eat in order to fuel your body for exercise.

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Massage and asthma

Posted March 1, 2014
If you suffer from asthma, remedial massage can help loosen your chest muscles to help your breathe more freely; it can help you with your posture to “open up” your chest for breathing; and it can help lower your stress levels and possibly reduce the triggers to an asthma attack

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