January 2014

Why you shouldn't get a massage (too soon before an event)

Posted January 25, 2014

Unless you’re an elite athlete and are getting a sports massage as part of your daily training regime, don’t get a sports massage immediately before your event - here’s why.


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Good stretch, bad stretch (2) - stretching after sport

Posted January 18, 2014
Find out how to stretch properly after you exercise to help avoid injury, to stay flexible and to avoid aching the next day!

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Massage & fibromyalgia

Posted January 11, 2014
Fibromyalgia means pain, stiffness and fatigue. Whilst there’s no cure yet, massage has been shown to help improve the quality of life of Fibromyalgia sufferers.

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New year resolutions

Posted January 4, 2014
In the New Year Resolution Top 40 last year, “Try a new hairstyle” came in one place ahead of “Get 6-pack abs.” “Learn to use Twitter” topped “Run a full or ½ marathon.” So what’s going on – have we lost our love affair with getting fit in the New Year?

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