November 2013

Treatment of frozen shoulder

Posted November 30, 2013
In clinical trials at Addenbrookes Hospital, 85% of sufferers of Frozen Shoulder showed a significant decrease in pain and increase in movement using the Niel-Asher Technique®. Dave Wheeler is a registered practitioner of the Niel-Asher Technique®.

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Why don't you do home visits?

Posted November 23, 2013
FInd out why I only treat you in a clinic and don't do home visits...

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Runners injuries - calf strain

Posted November 16, 2013
Strained your calf muscle? Find out how to treat it so that you can get out running again as soon as possible.

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Massage & 21st century posture (1)

Posted November 9, 2013
Ever wondered why your upper shoulders and the back of your neck ache so much? When we spend our days hunched over a desk typing, texting, eating, reading, writing or driving, our 21st century posture can be a real pain in the neck. What's going on?

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