Mar 2017 11

Self treatment for sore upper shoulders

By: Dave Wheeler

One of the most common sets of aches & pains that I treat is sore upper shoulders.

It's a result of our lifestyles - so much time spent hunched over a keyboard, a steering wheel, or an iPad means that the muscles at the  back of the neck and top of the shoulders become overused, & sore. 

So much for the cause of the head-forward posture, but what' the cure?

A constant, life-time attention to your posture during every activity would do it, but  for most of us, that's not really feasible. So for  us mere mortals, it's a case of managing the symptoms of our life-style, rather than radically changing the way we live.

The best, and simplest, is to use a plastic practice golf-ball to do a bit of self-treatment. Take a look at the video below:



So, put a plastic golf ball (not a real one!) inside a sock. Put it over your shoulder and lean backwards against it against a wall. Find the tender spot and hold it there for one minute. Don't roll around, just apply constant pressure... and whatever you do, only use a plastic one!

There are other stretches that you can do - some  of them are shown on my YouTube channel.

If you find that you can't stretch out your aches & pains, or treat them yourself, then it's time to get some professional assistance.  As ever, if you think I can help, give me a call.