Feb 2017 25

Massage and artificial intelligence

By: Dave Wheeler

So I'd intended to blog today about self help for aching shoulders and neck, but I got side-tracked by YouTube.


Will robots replace massage therapists?

About a year ago I blogged about robots doing the work of massage therapists. I've now come to realise that there's no hope.



Google, owner of YouTube, and the biggest, brightest & best, with all of its investment in Artificial Intelligence and Robots autogenerates subtitles for YouTube videos. 

I turned on subtitles for an earlier video that I made on the subject of self-help for aching shoulders and back, and found:


"Hi, I’m daydreaming delusions..."

"I'm tomb with another chick improved..."

"backstretch restock gay strategy..."


If you've got 1½ mins to spare, then check out the video below...

BUT BEFORE YOU DO, make sure that you turn on the subtitles.

It's the subtitles that are the killer.

The pic below shows you how to turn on subtitles if you don't know how, the next image is a link to the video itelf.

Happy viewing!

(All is explained below the video).


How to turn on subtitles (follow the arrow)


The video itself

Seriously, if you have 90 seconds, it's worth a watch with the subtitles on:


What Google/YouTube thought I said versus what I actually said

Here's a side by side comparision - a transcript of the YouTube subtitles next to what I actually said. Personally, I prefer Google's version. It's a hell of a lot more entertaining:


Youtube subtitles


Wheeler's version


Hi, I’m daydreaming delusions

Hi, I'm Dave Wheeler from DW Sports Massage
and this remove shoes chasers stretchy

and this week I’m going to be sharing with you some tips for stretching out

the solo area get top 

the sore area that you get at the top

shoulders baton 

of your shoulders, the back of your neck.

today because of the recent polls trash

Today we’re going to start off with a really simple stretch that

you anywhere trying in the office or home

you can do anywhere – on the train,  in the office or at home;


and ish municipal 

and it’s really very simple.


least used locations

All you need to do is to locate

area the fuse for me time there

the area that feels tender – for me, it’s kinda there -


and the movie okay Diagon down was

and then move your head diagonally downwards


and away from 

and away from that area.


which is number one place allow your help to sing down under 

Once you’ve found the right place allow your head to sink down a little bit further;


now holds that position for 20 seconds cash 220 is really important

now hold that position for 20 seconds. Count to 20. It’s really important 


you you need to stretch for 20 seconds.

that you leave the stretch for 20 seconds.


I’m tomb with another chick improved

I’ll be back tomorrow with another tip on how you can improve


backstretch restock gay strategy

that stretch really to start getting in there, stretching out 


pushed him down shoes passage

those tender, sore areas. Thanks for watching.


It seems that, no matter how much money you throw at AI, we're a long way from being able to understand speech.

Robots being able to massage? Nah!