May 2016 07

I am robot

By: Dave Wheeler

This week a new high tech replacement for me was announced: the AiraWear massage hoodie, by company Tware

A new startup is seeking $75,000 crowdfunding for the wearable massage vest.

The hoodie weighs a little over a kilogramme, and the idea is that you put it on at work. 

AiraWear has a number of air jets inside the vest, which, when activated, pump up cushions in the vest which then massage your back and shoulders - apparently ideal if you're at your desk, or in a car.

The bit I liked best was that it's linked to an app on your iPhone or Android which monitors your posture... so if you're slumped over your keyboard at work, or a book on the tube, you'll get a sudden blast of massage air onto your lower back and a warning picture on your phone telling you that you've got bad posture.

One blogger, Steve Dent, writing on the engadget website, says that he did feel better after using it for half an hour. In fairness, probably the best compliment he paid the jacket was, "I love that the AiraWear is one of more insane concepts out there"

Steve complained that having the same part of your back pushed with the pads continually, with unrelenting pressure, did get a bit much.

The AiraWear massage hoodie is expected to cost around £250 when it goes on sale.

If the wearable massage therapist doesn't appeal, another alternative is the Wheeme massage robot, promoted as "Your palm-sized relaxation therapist" which costs around £40.

Wheeme is a like a plastic car on wheels that goes up and down your back, with sensors to make sure that it doesn't fall off. Reviewers on Amazon called it, variously, "cute" and "back orgasmatron". No comment.

I guess the good news for me is that high tech hasn't replaced me yet. Though some people will no doubt live in hope!

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