Jan 2016 23

Sports Massage Crossword

By: Dave Wheeler

This week, as if you didn't have a life -  a test of your sports massage geek awareness status: a crossword on all things related to remedial massage.

Clues are below the crossword pic.. but beware there's no solution given (so you can't cheat) - just links from each clue to the blog page that will give you the answer.



1. Muscles at the front of the thigh
6. Muscles running down the inside of the thigh that stop the legs flailing outwards when you walk
11. Small muscle at the top of the chest that pulls the shoulders forward
14. Muscles at the side of the neck
19. Movement of pulling your toes up towards the ceiling
20. One of the outward hip rotator muscles which can mimic the pain of sciatica if it gets tight
22. Remedial massage technique that involves active stretching to improve range of motion
24. Type of muscle fibre that are needed for endurance
25. Large deep calf muscle known as "the 2nd heart"
26. Muscles running down the back of the thigh


2. Commonest posture type, characterised by a pelvis that tilt backwards
3. Internal body-stocking that covers all muscle: a connective tissue
4. Main muscles of the "core" that run like a corset around the lower torso
5. Small square muscles of the lower back,either side of the spine
7. What you should apply to a muscle strain to reduce inflammation
8. A remedial massage technique that works through the various layers of muscle
9. Movement of pointing your toes like a ballet dancer
10. Main muscle of the abdomen that gives you a 6-pack when well defined
12. Action of muscles when fibres shorten and cause movement
13. Long muscles that run up the length of the back either side of the spine
15. Fine motor sensing capability of the brain
16. Muscles that run from the back of the shoulder up the back of the neck
17. Small spots of extremely tight muscle that are "exquistely tender"
18. Muscles of the bum
21.Technical term for shin splints
23. The tenderloin muscle on humans