Dec 2015 26

Why you shouldn't make new year resolutions

By: Dave Wheeler

Troy Martin of TM Fitness is a Functional Fitness and Nutrition Coach who specialises in remedial exercise and nutrition, helping people overcome fitness or weight-loss issues. He is based at Kinetic Cycles in Hitchin market place.

The original version of this article appeared in Troy's weekly email blog this week.



Troy has guest-blogged on this website before. This week, his regular email blog expressed what I wanted to say in a way that says it much better than I could, so with Troy's permission, his words are reproduced below.


Whether it's to lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising or be nice to the mother in law

Unless you have accepted your need to change and set in place a sound strategy to achieve said change then all you're really doing is giving yourself an excuse to fail.

Although, the very act of making the resolution and saying it out loud probably makes you feel a little better about yourself for an hour or so...

Forbes claimed that only 8% of people polled achieved their new years resolutions.

That says it all.

But, the fact that you have made one indicates that you have already identified something you feel needs to improve.

Unfortunately, the things you want to change are often steeped in emotional attachments and, especially in the case of addictions like food, (weight loss) or drugs (quit smoking) are often your comfort zone fail safe.

Therefore, the very act of attempting to quit smoking, or even the thought of giving up actually makes you want to light up.

It's the same with food or exercise.

If you want to lose weight but the thought of not being able to eat doughnuts every Friday at work makes you feel a bit scared you'll fall back on your emotional crutch.


Or the scary thought of leaping outside of your comfort zone and actually going to the gym to get hot sweaty and embarrass yourself in front of all those buff workout experts (who were obviously born that way and never had to take that first step themselves) makes you just curl up under a blanket on the sofa.

So, don't make a resolution.

Instead just promise yourself that you are going to enjoy life and be positive when you have those little internal dialogues.

But, if getting fit, losing weight, improving your mobility and posture or finally taking your sporting performance to the levels you've always dreamed about are the things that will help to make you a happier version of you

Happy New Year

Troy "NYE party pooper" Martin