Nov 2015 28

Black friday special - online resources

By: Dave Wheeler

On the weekend that saw us continue our growing obsession with the import of Black Friday, I thought it'd be appropriate to take a look at some of the online resources that might be useful for muscle problems, sports injuries & massage professionals.


Online shopping for muscle injuries

Here are some useful website for resources that it'd be useful to have in your cupboard in case of injury:

  • Ice packs are a good alternative to ice for bringing down inflammation after a muscle strain - Gelpacks have a wide range to choose from.
  • An hot water bottle is good for muscle ache and spasm - the heat helps to relax the muscles. Boots, or other chemists are a good place to start for these.
  • I'm not great on foam rollers, but if you really want to buy one, then Physioroom is a great place.
  • Physioroom is also good for support bandages and hand / wrist braces.
  • Plastic practice golf balls are really useful for self treatment of trigger points on your shoulders. I've made a quick video here which explains how to use them - Amazon sell them really cheaply.



Online resources for sports injuries

The best website for learning about sports injuries and how to treat them is Sports Injury Clinic. There's a wealth of information and advice there which covers all muscle-related injuries and issues.

For other health-related issue, the NHS Choices website is a good authoritative resource.


Shopping sites for sports massage therapists

If you're in the trade, then there are a couple of really useful sites for supplies. Here are ones that I rely on:

  • Massage lotion - I use Naqi Ultra Sports lotion, which allows for good friction needed for deep tissue work. This is availabel from several places, but I get mine from Patterson Medical.
  • Couch roll - again, I use Patterson Medical.
  • Towels. Majestic towels sell great quality towels at a good price.
  • Printing. Providing you're buying in bulk, Saxoprint have the best prices and give a great service.


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