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What to expect at a sports massage treatment

By: Dave Wheeler

If you're wondering what it's like coming for a sports massage treatment, here are some clues about what you can expect


What should I wear?

If it's your first time coming for a treatment, then if you're over 18 I'll do a postural assessment on you which involves taking some photographs using an app that analyses your posture. For this you'll ideally need shorts and (if you're a woman) a vest. Though you can remain fully clothed for this, I have to guess where certain points on your torso and legs are which means it's not so accurate.


Do I have to have a postural assessment?

No, but I do strongly recommend one. A postural assessment will tell me things like: 

  • whether a problem with your back is because it's too weak, or the because muscles are too tight
  • the right treatment to use for your neck & shoulders, if that's your issue
  • whether you overuse or underuse the muscles at the front or back of your legs if you're a runner.

For these reasons, a postural assessment allows me to help sort out your problem as quickly as possible, and usually means less treatment sessions than if you opt not to have one.


How much of the time will be spent on massage?

The postural assessment will take up to 10 minutes, so the remaining 50 minutes will be dedicated to treatment. I use a variety of treatments, including:

Massage is always part of the treatment, but how much depends on what your problem is and how I can treat you most effectively.


How many treatments will I need?

That's probably best answered by giving some examples:

  1. If you're a committed sports person then you should think about regular sports massage treatments to keep you performing well.
  2. If you've got an injury like a muscle tear, then 1 treatment is usually enough.
  3. If you've got regular sore neck & shoulders then a single treatment might do it (if you do the exercises & stretches that I give you), though you may want to come back occasionally for top-up treatments.
  4. If your back's in spasm then I'd expect 1 treatment to be enough; in extreme cases you might need a follow-up
  5. If you've got unexplained pains in your shoulder down your arm, then 3 or 4 short follow up sessions might be needed after the initial assessment

My aim is always to help treat you with the minimum amount of treatments - after all, I want you to recommend me to your friends!


How much will it cost?

Here are the current prices.


How can I book an appointment?

You can either give me a call on 01462 261400 or book directly online.