May 2015 23

Train harder, perform better, avoid injury

By: Dave Wheeler

If you're a committed amateur sports person then you'll be looking for ways to maximise your performance, to keep going... and to keep improving rather than going backwards.


Efficiency, precision, freedom of movement

On the day, your performance depends on your efficiency, your precision and your freedom of movement. 

What you do has a direct impact on your peformance:

  • Your training
  • What you eat & drink
  • Your sleep
  • Looking after the muscles that allow you to compete 


2 easy ways to look after your muscles & stay injury free

  1. Stretch
  2. Incorporate a regular sports massage into your training schedule


In every sport, the people at the top of their game make sure that they take care of the muscles that they use the most.

You'll be using particular muscles over and over again - because of this those muscles can become overly tight, restricting your freedom of movement with a knock-on decline in performance.

Tight muscles also have a tendency to tear more easily.

So make sure that you take care of your muslces.


Improve your performance with a regular sports massage

If you're committed amatuer sports person then you want to train harder, perform better & stay injury free. Any athlete at the top of their game incorporates sports massage into their training schedule.

A regular sports massage will:

  • Improve your range of movement
  • Keep your muscles supple
  • Help you recover faster
  • Help keep you injury-free
  • Improve your performance

This week's news is that I've launched a membership programme specifically aimed at you if you're a committed amateur sports person. It's called the Maintenance Programme:


The benefits of Maintenance Programme membership


A 45 mins sports massage once a month keep you performing at you best


10% off save money


Substitute your partner any time you like (as long as they live at the same address as you)

  ...if your other half needs it more than you


Roll-forwards treatments to the next month you don’t miss out if you’re on holiday

    No need to pay a deposit when you book online   ... to make booking even easier


Joining the Maintenance Programme is dead easy: it's all done online. Full T's & C's are available.

So if you're committed to your sport, join up!

As ever, if you need further info, give me a call.