Apr 2015 04

Every body's different

By: Dave Wheeler

Ask any physio, osteopath or half decent remedial massage therapist and they'll tell you that everybody's different.

Just look around you next time you're out on the street and look at the people around you:


  • there's the obvious stuff, like height and weight
  • notice how some peoples' knees are locked when they stand, whilst others' are bent forward over their toes
  • see how far each person head sticks out forward from their shoulders
  • and if you're at the gym, notice how some people have big curves in their lower backs, whilst others have virtually none


So if you come for a treatment session with me, the first thing that I'll do is figure out your body.


Postural Assessment

I use a great app on the iPad called PostureScreen Mobile to anaylse each adult client's posture.

The great thing about the app is that I can sit with the client and go through it with you during the treatment session. It's emailed to you as soon as it's completed, so it's waiting for you when you get home.


Postural Assessment of Clients

Image used with client permission


I've blogged before about the different posture types, so as well using the app I do manual assessments of your posture to determine the slope of your hips - this has a dramatic impact on what's going on with your lower back and leg muscles, so is quite important to know if you're going to get the right treatment.


Work and play

As well as the analytical stuff, it's important that your therapist understands how you're using (or abusing) your body.

So you'll find that I ask lots about you:


  • your work
  • whether you have young children or grandchildren (because you'll be lifting them into and out of cars a lot)
  • how much driving you do
  • any strenuous hobbies, like gardening
  • your exercise or sport regime


Knowing how you use your body as well as your postural alignment means that you get the right treatment for your body (and not for someone else's)!

With this information, I'll give you stretches and exercises that are right for you, to help you keep your body functioning properly. That way, you'll be able to look after yourself better.

As ever, if you think I can help, give me a call.