Mar 2015 21

Why I love my job as a remedial massage therapist

By: Dave Wheeler

There are 4 reasons, I think, why I love being a remedial sports massage therapist.



Reason  #1 - I like fixing people

I know that that would be better phrased as "I like helping people", and it's true I do like helping people. But I like fixing them more.

That's not such a great mindset in relationships (ask my kids!) but it's good for someone in my job.

So the client who this week came in with chronic shoulder pain and after treatment said that her shoulder hadn't been that good in years - well, she made my day.

I love it when someone with a bad back leaves feeling better after a treatment, or when someone with tight calves leaves with a full range of movement.

I just get a sense of achievement from fixing people. It might be wrong of me, but I feel good about myself when I've helped someone overcome a problem with their muscles or tendons that they haven't been able to sort themselves.

Which leads nicely into the 2nd reason...


Reason #2 - I like the challenge of problem solving

I like a puzzle.

Although we've all got more or less the same number of muscles in our bodies (about 600), their shape, tone, strength and elasticity are different from person to person.

The way that each of us uses our bodies is different:

  • the way we stand
  • the way we walk
  • the way we exercise (or don't)
  • the job we do and the way we do it

So 2 people might come into my clinic on the same day reporting what on the surface seems like the same problem, but because the way that they use their bodies is different, the causes of their pain the and treatments will be different.

It probably helps that I'm a geek, so I'll use apps to analyse posture and movement if I need to. And I'll make sure that I understand how each individual got their pain before I treat them.


Reason #3 - I like people

I think I'm probably an extravert.

Whilst I like "me time" as much as the next person, I really enjoy spending quality time with people. 

Whether I'm massaging a person's back, manipulating tendons near the joints, assisting with stretching muscles, or doing trigger point therapy, I find that I get to know people a little.

Even when people swear at me (it happens from time to time when we get to a particularly tender point), it usually ends in laughter. I like that.

I'm sure you could do my job if you were a loner, but I get a buzz from being around other people.


Reason #4 - I was well trained

I don't know about you, but I like doing things I'm good at; I really don't enjoy doing something if I'm not really good at it.

I was trained by Mel Cash at the London School of Sports Massage, the man that invented sports massage 40 years ago and is the world authority on the subject. He was a hard task-master, but brilliant. 

As well as being trained by the best, I had the privilege of being mentored by Frank Westell who was on the 1984 Olympic Cycling team and later became the Team GB cycling physio.



I love my job

I know that I'm lucky to be doing something that I love doing.

I like fixing people, I like problem solving, I like people and I was well trained. These are the reasons that I love my job.

As ever, if you think that I can help you, give me a call