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Hitchin Running Club

By: Dave Wheeler

Jake Amos is the founder of the Hitchin Running Club. He was born in Hitchin in 1978. He spent a decade in the construction industry before re-training with several qualifications for the fitness industry. Upon leaving the industry and changing from a poor lifestyle, he joined a gym and started running to lose weight and to get fitter. Shortly after, he formed Hitchin Running Club, in 2007. He has since completed 2 Ironman Triathlons and many marathons and works for North Herts College working with the Sports division. He also met his wife at the running club and they have 2 children. They live in Hitchin.


Jake Amos, founder of the Hitchin Running Club


Hello, we are Hitchin Running Club, or, as we're also known - The Hares!

Sometimes people might be apprehensive about running clubs because they may think that they have to be a serious athlete, or maybe they have had a bad experience before.

When you come along and to the Hitchin Running Club and see what we do, we hope that your mind will be changed.

We have people from all types of backgrounds and abilities, but the most important thing is that running must be fun, because without the enjoyment then it would soon become demotivating.

We formed in 2007 and we started out as a gym class but soon progressed on to a fully functioning organisation so that people from in and around Hitchin had a place to go to run alongside other like-minded people. Hitchin Running Club was formed by Jake Amos and it is based at Hitchin Rugby Club.


7 reasons to run with the Hitchin Hares:

  1. It is a great social aspect, you get to make new friends and form bonds with people; your social circle can increase with positive-minded people, one of the components of total fitness.
  2. You can feel safe with a group when running alone, something that gives you peace of mind.
  3. You can learn new routes that you may not have seen before!
  4. First hand advice on running and nutrition and general healthcare.
  5. It helps to have a structure that you know you can stick to and motivate you to come to.
  6. It can help improve your times as by running with others you naturally run a little quicker.
  7. It’s great for calorie burning, a healthy heart and that feeling of accomplishment.


Meeting times

The club itself has different club meeting times:

  • we have an over 60 minute 10km pace run on Wednesdays at 6:30pm for 30 minutes.
  • we have a sub 60 minute 10km pace run group at 7pm on Wednesdays too.
  • on Sundays we 2 groups -
    • a 9am group that is the sub 60 minute, 10km pace, and
    • a 10am group for sub 45 minute 10km pace runners.
  • There are also plans to start up a complete beginners group again as the 6:30pm Wednesday run people have all improved and got quicker, so we want to make sure that we have something for all abilities.

Currently people from 15 to 62 years old run with us

In the winter time, on the first Wednesday of every month we have interval based sessions, that can be either jogging up a hill several times to build up leg strength, or running on flat ground for faster pacing to build our stamina up (helps us to run faster!) or sometimes we do relay running in pairs and groups but altogether though, so that the fun element is always present (and we actually use relay batons too!)


Races and the Hitchin Running Club

As a club we take part in and also host races,too.

We are part of a summer league that competes against other clubs in the Herts area. A typical race involves turning up, you run, then eat food after! These events are for all abilities too as the winner might get around in about 30 minutes but then the last place person might come home in 1 hour 10 minutes….it's always that person that get the biggest cheers.

We also take part in a winter cross-country league which is just as much fun as the summer league, this time running around in the mud and laughing with other people.

As a club we also host a public race each year in June. It’s called the Hitchin Hares Relay Race. It’s for all abilities and you can make a team of 2-4 people and the course is off road. At the end there is food for all competitors. All the details for this race can be found on the club website.



Contact Jake

If you're thinking about joining a local running club, contact Jake through the club website.