Nov 2013 23

Why don't you do home visits?

By: Dave Wheeler

There are 2 things that will affect the quality of massage treatment that you get:

1.      The skill of your therapist, and

2.      The kit that’s available to help treat you.

I’ll blog about therapist skills another time, but for now, let’s assume that you’ve decided to go with a massage therapist who’s clinically certified to the highest possible level.  That leaves the other variable to think about: the kit that I use.

Firstly, in my clinic I have an electrically adjustable massage couch: the height can be raised or lowered depending on your build; you’ll notice that I change the height even as I’m working on specific areas of your body, so that I can give you just the right amount of pressure to specific muscles, delivered in the right way.

Sound like overkill? 

The trouble is, that if the height of the couch is fixed and you need some deep tissue massage work, then at least some of the time the angle of force applied to your muscles will be straight down through the muscle onto the bone:


muscle being squashed onto bone by incorrect angle of force in badly done deep tissue massage when the massage table is at the wrong height


(and yeah, I know, I’m rubbish at drawing!)


It’ll feel sore, and you might assume that because it hurts it must be doing some good, but actually the reason it’s sore is because your muscle is being squashed against the bone. You could end up with bruising for no good reason.

By adjusting the height of the couch, pressure can be applied to the muscles without squeezing it against the bone. It might hurt less, but it’ll do you more good and help the muscles to heal faster.

So, with the adjustable height couch in my clinic, I can make sure that I’m treating you at the right angle and not just brutalising your muscles.

Secondly there’s the other kit. Depending on your problem and how it developed, I might use other ‘props’ to help stretch or treat specific areas such as weights or rollers; we might need access to other resources so that we can discuss how to stop the symptoms recurring. These are only available in my clinic.

So, at the end of the day, it’s about the quality of treatment. I don’t want to compromise the treatment that I can offer you. I know that some other therapists will do it on the basis that they will do their best within the limitations that home visits put on them. But I want you to recommend me to other people, and the best way I can get your recommendations is by doing the best that I can for you. I can help you most effectively if I’ve got access to the kit that allows me to treat you, uniquely, for the problem that you have.

If you think I can help, give me a call.